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McDonald's has pioneered to the top to become the world's largest hamburger selling restaurant in the world. They have left their mark in 100+ countries and fill the tummies of an astonishing 50 million plus customers (approx.) every single day. McDonald's has slowly turned from just being a restaurant to being a brand name. It offers to below top cities of india 1. Mumbai 2. Pune 3. Bengaluru 4. Ahmedabad 5. Hyderabad 6. Chennai 7. New Delhi 8. Surat 9. Navi Mumbai 10. Kolkata 11. Thane 12. Vadodara 13. Indore 14. Chandigarh 15. Patna # Coupon Description Coupon Code 1 Burger of your Choice Free on Orders of Rs. 350 & Above CD350 2 2 McChicken/McVeggie Free on Orders above Rs. 549 CD549 3 CD Exclusive: Free Medium Meal on Orders Above Rs. 649 CD649 5 CD Exclusive: Free McChicken / McVeggie on Orders Above Rs. 499 CD499 8 Free McChicken/McVeggie Meal on Orders Above Rs. 599 CD599